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A landlord may go to great lengths just to find a good tenant to rent out his/her property to. But what do we mean by a good tenant?

Well, a good or qualified tenant is one who holds proven track record — both for rule-abiding behavior and financial responsibility. They occupy the property without damaging it and pay their rent on time.

But from a landlord’s perspective, a good tenant must possess some more qualities than just clean criminal record or credit history. Even though it is hard to screen a tenant upfront for all these qualities, following are some traits that make a renter a good tenant in the eyes of the landlord.

The responsible behavior of tenants cannot only be judged by their habit of paying rent on time. But with that, good tenants also show responsibility towards other aspects of the rental property. For instance, they pull the weed, mow the grass, take care of maintenance issues, or change filters regularly.

Also, they keep their landlords informed. They alert them when an issue requires immediate attention such as termite infected laundry room. So when landlords search for good tenants and find them punctual, they consider it as their first indication of being responsible.

Good Credit Score
When we say that a tenant has a good credit score, it means he/she is creditworthy. The credit score of tenants reflects their ability to pay bills on time. It also indicates the amount and type of debt they have. If a landlord reviews the detailed report, he/she may also be able to ascertain if the tenant holds any judgment against him/herself for uncollected damages or debt.

While background check of tenants is an important part of the overall application process, landlords must also verify the rental history, employment status, and may call on their references.

Dishonest tenants can easily trick their landlords in many ways. For instance, they may lie about getting their check bounced or mailing the rent. They may also be dishonest in giving out right information throughout the application process or what went wrong with the expensive dishwasher.

However, to ascertain the reliability of tenants, landlords must verify the information provided by them at the time of application process. Ask copies of all relevant documents and check if the information matches with original documents. Also, make a call to their last landlord and confirm if they really lived there or got evicted.

Taking Ownership
In addition to responsible behavior, good tenants take pride in ownership of their landlords’ property by looking after it. Such tenants never damage the property due to carelessness but use it as they would use their personal property. They are always the ones who receive their security deposit on time and are remembered by landlords in good words.

In a nutshell, good tenants never make excuses. They are difficult to find but once landlords get good tenants for their rental property, they live stress-free lives and build a strong landlord-tenant relationship over the passage of time.

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