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One person’s trash is a creative person’s treasure!

If you have pets and kids in your house, your furniture must have seen better days. Furniture, with the passage of time, gets the brunt of the damage. This may include tears, rips or even permanent stains.

But before you decide to toss this old furniture, try some unique ways to bring more life to it. Once you apply these simple tricks, you will be astonished at how easily your old furniture can appear as new. With a few additions,  you can make your old furniture worthy of center stage at your house.

So let’s have a look!

Stain Chairs and Wood Tables

If you have some old piece of wooden furniture and you want to re-furnish it, consider staining it than painting. If you paint old wood furniture, it begins to show wood grains. So try to strip the old paint and see the results. To strip the paint, you may use wood conditioner, sandpaper, wood stain etc.

Always use a soft cloth to evenly rub on stains. You may need to apply multiple coats before you finish it with the final application of polyurethane coat.

Liming, Whitewashing, and Pickling

To obtain a whitewashed yet faded look, you may go with many simple methods. But liming, whitewashing and pickling lighten the wood while still showing wood grain. For this, you may need a copper or brass wool or brush, liming wax, sandpaper, primer, soft rags, clear polyurethane or clear wax.

Simply make the wood surface rough by using a brush. This will allow the whitewash to appear better. Wipe away the accumulated dust before applying liming solution or primer.

Once the furniture has dried, don’t forget to seal the piece with a polyurethane coat.

Spray Paint

For an outdoor piece of furniture, nothing is as effective as multiple spray paint coats. For this, choose the spray paint, which is specially designed for outdoor furniture. This will ensure that the formula stands up well.

First, clean the furniture thoroughly; scrubbing off the rust and scuffs and letting it dry. Now spray the paint, wearing painter’s mask and rubber gloves. Always apply even strokes on the furniture. You can get even coverage by applying several light coats and without drips.

Recovering Old Seat Cushion

Unlike undergoing a complete reupholster task, recovering an old seat cushion is a simple task. You can easily do it at home if you have a staple gun, batting or foam, and new fabric.

First, unscrew the old cushion from the furniture. Use this old fabric as a template to cut the new one with precision. Now, wrap the newly cut fabric over the piece of furniture. Use a staple gun to properly attach the fabric from all directions. Now screw the piece of furniture back in place and enjoy the absolutely new look to your old furniture.

Follow these great ideas to bring new life to your old piece of furniture. All of these tricks can easily be applied at home! So if you are planning a renovate your new house with old furniture and need information about sale/purchase of houses, then contact I Sell This Town, right away!.