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A tenancy in Columbia, SC is allowing the use of one’s property to another by means of a lease agreement.

The possession of one’s property for a lawful period of time may make one a temporary resident of that place, but it also demands the responsibility to take care of that property as a tenant. In addition, the attributes of a good tenant are no different than the qualities of a financially responsible and rule-abiding person.

A landlord goes to great lengths to search for a qualified tenant. But what really makes a tenant a qualified one? To help you with the answer, let us have a look at some qualities of a good tenant. After all, a good tenant is more than just a person with clear criminal records and good credit score.

Own the Property

A good tenant never fails in treating the rented property like they are the owner. A tenant must take pride in taking care of the rented property. This will also help them in building a good reputation in the eyes of the landlord. Moreover, qualified tenants also get landlord recommendations in case they need to move to another location in the future.

Don’t Complain Too Much

A good tenant only communicates the issues that are reasonable to bring in the knowledge of a landlord. Many landlords value two-way communication from the tenants, however, a rtenant that complains all the time is simply considered to be a headache. A tenant must understand that they are not the only priority of the landlord and should take the responsibility in terms of resolving minor issues by themselves.

Keep the Property Clean

One of the most commonly faced issues by the landlords is unclean and pest infected property after the lease term is over and renters have left the property. Many tenants do not keep the house clean which causes the pest infestation and leads to property damage severely. While a landlord is allowed to deduct the amount of damaged property from the security deposit of the tenant, such tenants lose their good reputation and are never welcomed back or recommended by the landlords.

Pay Rent on Time

The biggest responsibility of a tenant is to pay the rent without delay. Since a tenant-landlord relationship is built on rent payments in exchange of a rental to reside in, this should be prioritized by the tenants and should be paid without bothering the landlord. In the majority of the cases, landlords depend on the rental payments to manage expenses like the mortgage payments so not paying rent as per the agreement might put your landlord in some serious financial burden.

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