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8-4-2017Many people feel overwhelmed in discussing maintenance with sellers after a home inspection. Every commercial property is in need of some repair and maintenance at the time of sale that needs to be taken up either by the buyer or the seller.

There is a common assumption between the buyer and seller that once a deal is accepted, nothing is left to be negotiated. However, there may be various issues or problems that might need to be discussed throughout the transaction process. Whether you have done the home inspection initially waited to inspect the house as the last step, there should not be any hesitation in discussing all the relevant details with the seller during the transaction.

Similarly, no seller in Columbia, SC has any sort of contractual obligation to take up the maintenance work whatsoever. All the houses are sold in existing conditions. However, any seller may refuse to make deal with a buyer if there are maintenance issues due to the risk that the buyer may terminate the deal and seek another house in a better condition.

So what is fair to both the parties and reasonable to consider for the buyer as well as the seller?

Most of the time, sellers and agents fail to realize the fact that if they let go of the current buyer, the next buyer will also demand the repair and maintenance after the home inspection. To put it in other words, those leaking walls, damaged shingles, plumbing leaks and all the other unrepaired items will not disappear and continue to reveal themselves during the home inspection by the new buyer.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that the next buyer will be tougher in making their repair request in comparison to the current buyer. So, for a seller, the wise move is to negotiate the terms with the existing buyer, unless the buyer’s request is totally unreasonable or over the top.

To accept the request and to work along with a buyer has always been in the favor of the seller. However, a seller must know when to put a stop, and the buyer must follow ethics in raising a polite request rather than being authoritative.

To assist you further, let us have a look at some common ways for buyers to politely raise a maintenance request.

  • During a home inspection, if you find any repair or maintenance work, always address the situation with the agent in real time and without declaring the property as fine. In case you do not discuss out the problems during the home inspection, the seller and agent will take it as a go ahead from your end while you will be left thinking about the repair and maintenance of the new house.
  • Before you negotiate the terms with the seller, prioritize what you can fix by yourself and what needs to be fixed by the seller. For instance, small dings of the cupboard are not much of an issue; however, damage of the hardwood flooring may require some negotiations with your seller. This will also help in convincing the seller to take up the repair work and close the deal on a positive note.


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