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People face different types of issues in selling their houses. These issues can be in the form of finding the right prospect, maintenance of the home before sale, credit score, mortgage or loan issues and others. However, there are few situations in which your house remains idle in the seller’s market even if you don’t have such issues, and you keep waiting for its sale, according to your terms.

So what really causes the delay in your house sale?

While there could be many reasons, being a seller, you must try to get to the root of the problem so that you end up closing a favorable deal. To assist you further in knowing these reasons, let us share with you the top four reasons that might be causing the delay in your house sale.

Unreasonable Pricing of House

The demand and supply graph is always variable in the seller’s market.  However, the sky is not the limit when it comes to listing price. Every seller likes to push the price a bit higher than necessary, but this is by far the most basic and common mistake made by a seller. This way a seller can easily miss out some prospective buyers. Hence, make sure to price your house according to the market conditions and take the assistance of a professional agent.

The spooky title of ownership

No matter what title or name you give to your house, your title of ownership must be clear. With the title, we are here referring to the document that reflects the ownership of the property. May be the title of ownership is written in such a way that makes a prospect buyer doubtful about the property.

The good part is that you can easily resolve the title issue. Contact a title company and find out the ways in which you can easily prepare a good title in order to sell your house without delay.

The smell of your house

There is a famous saying in the real estate industry “if we can smell that, we can’t sell that”. As you live in your house for a long time, there is a chance that you would stop noticing the annoying smell in your house. However, for a prospective buyer that might be a big turn off. To avoid this, make sure you light a scented candle or use air fresheners during the buyer’s inspection. Moreover, try to resolve the issue once and for all before the sale of your house.

Your agent does not care enough

A few times, your house may not be the reason for the delay in your house sale but your agent may be the underlying reason for that. If you do not hire a reputable and professional agent to handle your house sale you might end up working with an agent that is burned out, non-professional, careless or has no social skills.

Always be very cautious and hire only professionals to deal with your real estate matters. After all, it’s a long term investment and must be dealt with all the professionalism possible.

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