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Have you ever been a home buyer or a seller? If yes, you must know that not all brokers are as communicative as they appear to be. Of course, they can tell us everything that we need to know about the house. They will also tell us the square-footage or the factors that will affect our home-improvement plan and would be happy to guide us through the home inspection, but there are a lot of things that a realtor does not tell us.

These are the little secrets of real estate trade that not all realtors tend to tell their clients. Below, we take a look at some of these real estate secrets to help you know them better.

The commission is always negotiable

While it appears that realtors do not negotiate the standard percentage of the commission, this is not at all a true assumption. A realtor is always open to negotiate the commission as a regular practice. The commission is negotiable on a case-to-case basis and, sometimes, while dealing with the property of millions, the realtor may reduce the commission rate up to an extent that you wouldn’t expect at all.

The zoning pains of a bought property

Unless a realtor is a true friend of yours, do not expect them to inform you about the zoning pains that you will be facing once you buy the property. If you intend to make some changes to the bought property, then it’s a good decision to carefully analyze the place. Also, try to watch out for zoning problems beforehand. You may get the required information from the homeowners association or the municipal authorities.

Realtors are available 24/7

It is common for the realtors to receive calls from their clients even at midnight or the busiest hour of the day just to make minor changes to the plan. Every realtor faces the situation where their job is to make the client happy under the most stressful circumstances when searching a home.

This may also include the efforts of dealing with a couple, where a realtor may even need to ask each of them to specify their requirements separately and to make them settle for a home with mutual agreement. Hence, even if a realtor does not mention it, they know that their job demands availability, round the clock – 24/7.

Realtors do not just sell houses

A realtor is a salesperson for their business. They also need to sell their expertise to survive in the real estate market. Since a large portion of a realtor’s business depends on the referrals of old clients or repeat clients, many realtors choose to sell homes in a particular area. Also, some realtors choose to work within a targeted geographical area which makes it easy for them to market their services in the particular area.

Realtors are small business owners and need a good reputation and strategic marketing to capture maximum clients. However, to achieve that, many realtors nowadays ensure their online presence on different social networks is strong enough to capture potential clients, and they never hesitate in maintaining trustworthy and positive business terms with their clients.


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