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From baked goods to seafood, Main Street of Columbia is known to display goods and food of all kinds. Every Saturday, dozens of vendors gather at 1500 Main Street, Columbia to sell all sorts of items at the Soda City Market.

These vendors include local retailers, artisans, farmers, and artists. This open-air and appealing street-fair market is known as the Soda City Market and is located near the Museum of Art – Columbia. However, during the rainy season, the market moves to the first floor of the garage at the rear bay area.

Let us tell you everything that you need to know about the great Soda City Market before you plan to visit the fun market this Saturday!

Soda City Market is popular as the Rain or Shine market

Soda City is a year-round, weekly street market. It started as the Local Farmers Market back in November 2004 with only 6 vendors. In October 2012, the market moved to Main Street, Columbia from Olympia with almost 26 vendors.

Since the growing Soda City Market is now an attraction for around 6000 people every week, it displays the work of over 800 entities. These include over 100 non-profit entities which successfully generate over 4.5 million dollars in annual sales. This annual sale is taxable and produces a great amount of tax revenue for the state of South Carolina.

The Events at the Soda City Market

While this market has become the major economic activity for the formal sector, Soda City proudly hosts 6 major onsite events. These special events are known as the OktoberFest, Suds & Spuds, Mardi Gras, Fitness Fest, Gervais St. Bridge Dinner, and Holiday Fest. Soda City Market also hosts many special offsite events like the Vintage and Antique show and the famous show of Sports Memorabilia.

What to expect at the Soda City Market?

Columbia’s Main Street market focuses on your body, brain, and belly. The market remains open from 9 AM – 1 PM, every Saturday. If you are looking to get some unique gift ideas, shopping for the week’s grocery, or simply looking forward to spending the Saturday morning with your friends or family, then visiting the Soda City Market is an ideal choice. There, you will be getting a refreshing combination of regional and local craft and food vendors.

Moreover, if you are coming from some other town, this international and bustling market is sure to welcome you with the aesthetic class that you will not find anywhere else in Columbia, SC.

Also, it is the only place in Columbia, SC that offers the best-baked items from gardeners, farmers, and artisans in a single street market. Enjoy the free and fun event and visit to buy the season’s best produce, dairy, meat, and flowers.

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