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Proper lighting is a subtle yet powerful thing that can impact many different aspects including your mood, sleeping patterns, cognition ability and the entire facet of your home.

Even if your interior is simply sublime, using the wrong lights can make anything look unappealing and bland. This is exactly why it is imperative that every home owner chooses lights for their homes that complement the interior rather than the opposite effect.

Steps To Help Choose The Right Lights For Your Home

The following steps have been perfectly devised to help you choose the right lights for your home,

  1. Consider each aspect of the home

The first and most important step in selecting the right lights for your home is considering the functionality of each room. For example, a bedroom will require different lighting in comparison to a game room or study room. Make a clear outline in your head about the function of every room in your home before you move onto the next step. However, we have carefully articulated a list of prescribed lights for different rooms, this list is as follows

  • Living room: warm ambient light
  • Kitchen: combination of lower and upper head ambient lights. Focus on the sink and counter.
  • Bedroom: Warm ambient of fluorescent lights that should focus on everything besides the bed.
  • Bathroom: Task lighting that is focused on every angle of the bathroom.
  1. Select the right bulbs for your home

The next step is to make sure that you purchase the most effective light bulbs out there. There are four types of bulbs currently available in the market, these bulbs are listed below

  • Incandescent
  • Compact florescent bulbs
  • LEDS
  • Halogen
  1. Select the fixtures for your lights

Please do not make the common mistake of purchasing a single type of fixture for every room. What you should do instead is consider the general ambience of the room and choose a fixture that best suits the design of the room. The following are the most common fixtures that are currently dominating the market,

  • Ceiling fixtures
  • Chandeliers
  • Pendant lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Track lighting
  • Lamps
  • Wall mounted fixtures

Once you have carefully selected the fixtures that best suit the interior of your home simply have them installed by a professional.  A common trick that you should keep in mind is that interior designers use to enjoy the true beauty of effective lighting is focusing them on objects of the home. Please keep in mind that the angle of the lights plays an integral role on how the lights illuminate the home, even if the lights are perfect but are focused awkwardly it will tarnish the ambience of the home.