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When it comes to renovating a house, no matter how much effort you put into altering the designs, you cannot achieve impressive results with old and battered furniture. However, buying new furniture even every once in a while is not a very economical option especially if you have kids around. What you can do, however, is to make minor changes to the existing furniture and make it look like new!

Here are some makeover tips that can give a new look to your old furniture:


The easiest and most common way to transform the look of your old furniture is to paint it. A simple coat of the same color can do wonders while using a different shade can change the entire look of the furnishing. You can use spray paints for the purpose.

Moreover, using bright shades such as gold and silver on some parts of the furnishings, especially the hardware, can do wonders for your furniture. In case of upholstered furniture with worn out fabric, you can get creative with your painting skills. Use the painting technique creatively to convert the ugly stains on the fabric into intricate patterns.

Knobs, Legs, and Handles

Most people spend their time in altering the bulk of the furnishings and forget the minute details in the process. Surprisingly, you can give a completely new look to your furniture by inserting new knobs and legs on the dressers and cabinets. Similarly, you can change the legs of a sofa and you will find people praising your ‘new’ furniture!

Sticking wood

There is a chance that you may not have heard about it but wooden strips with adhesive backs are indeed an economical investment in changing the look of any furniture. Simply select a pattern and stick these wooden strips to the headboard of your bed and voila! You have a new bed.

Turning one item into another

The purpose of all your furniture makeover efforts is to give your house a new look. Congratulations, with a little innovation, you can actually turn one item into another. For example, only by adding foam on the upper side, you can turn a metal table into a bench. Similarly, you can install a new section to an old shelf and then paint it to give it a new look.

Make use of Stylish Fabric to Create Designs

This is an amazing way to convert old furniture into new. Just use some extra piece of fabric and cut it into patterns to use it on the furnishing. For example, you can add the fabric to the front of the drawers and convert an old dresser into a new one.

Mix and match the above techniques to give a new look to all of your furniture. Are you looking for a space to experiment with your furniture? Contact me at I Sell This Town to find amazing housing options. For further details, you can follow me on Facebook as well!