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Your New Year’s resolutions may involve things like going to the gym or getting organized, but there may be an easier way to ensure you have the best year possible. Simply eat your way to good fortune for the New Year. Many cultures (including southern) eat traditional foods on New Year’s Day that promise a new year of good fortune and luck. So, if you’re superstitious (even a little) it might not be a bad idea for you to eat some of these foods for your New Year’s celebration.

A traditional Southern New Year’s Day Dinner includes serving black- eyed peas, greens (collard, mustard or turnip), pork (ham, sausage, or fat back) and skillet corn bread. Add cooked rice and desert and you have the perfect southern New Year’s Day dinner that will bring you good luck all year.

What these Foods Represent
Per folklore black-eyed peas symbolize coins (consuming 365 of them,) Greens resemble money, specifically folding money. Pork is considered a sign of prosperity because pigs root forward. Therefore, many Southern New Year’s Day dishes contain pork or ham. Cornbread symbolizes gold, and besides, it is essential with black-eyed peas and greens.

New Year’s Day is the most important meal of the entire year for Southerners. Deeply rooted in tradition, superstition, and hope for the future of the new year. Use your favorite recipes when preparing these traditional southern dishes for a delicious meal and hopefully a great 2017

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