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There are untold benefits to reusing old household items instead of tossing them. Not only are you reducing your ecological footprint, but you can also save lots of money by recycling what you’ve already bought. Read on for some common items that are easily re-purposed.

Finish the Milk, But Don’t Toss the Jug
Go for plastic milk jugs instead of cartons and easily re-purpose them as, for example, watering cans. Simply, and carefully, use a nail and a hammer to poke several holes in the lid. Go for the 2-liter jugs if you only have one or two indoor plants, and the 4-liter if you have more.

Mason Jars, Beer Bottles and Applesauce Jars
Glass containers are brilliant as storage in the kitchen, or elsewhere.  Why not use a jar as a toothbrush or writing utensil holder? Beer bottles or other narrow-necked containers become flower vases. Jars with tight screw lids and a narrowing neck, like applesauce jars, repurpose2can become a travel-sized water or juice bottle.  These containers can be covered in fabric or paint, to make them functional and beautiful.

Broken Dresser? Don’t Chuck the Drawers
So, your dresser broke? That’s okay. Drawers never go out of style. Use old ones as under-the-bed storage, or stack and secure them with the bottom against the wall for a DIY shelving unit. You can also fill them with soil and use them as planters in your garden or yard.

A New Take on Hand-Me-Down Clothes
Clothing is one of the most ubiquitous household items – which is perfect, because it’s also one of the most versatile. Cut up an old dress or collared shirt and, with a quick run through the sewing machine, you have a new baby dress or bib. If you use a scarf to wrap a present (for more info, look at “furoshiki” techniques), you’re giving an extra gift to your friend, and the planet.

Use Up the Floss and Break a Dish
Next time you’re travelling, finish up the floss first and use the container to store cash. This recycles the container and it disguises the money in case of burglars. If you break a dish don’t worry.  You can smooth the edges of the broken pieces and use them as mosaic tiles, or a garden border, or jewelry.

It’s simple. To start saving money, and the planet, use these easy ideas, or reach out to your real estate agent for more tips and tricks on how to reuse old household items in funky, handy ways.

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