Forrest Wood Cup at Lake Murray


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Following the same enthusiasm that thrilled us in the 2014 Forrest Wood Cup, this year’s tournament will be hosted at Lake Murray, SC again. The Forrest Wood Cup was last hosted at Lake Murray in 2014 when the hometown hero Anthony Gagliardi won the grand prize of $500,000 and became the 18th champion of the Forrest Wood Cup.

About Fishing League Worldwide

The Forrest Wood Cup is an event held by a premier fishing tournament organization known as Fishing League Worldwide. This organization never fails in providing anglers, fans, sponsors, and host communities with unparalleled fishing entertainment.

Being the world’s largest fishing tournament organization, the organization provides anglers of almost all skill levels an opportunity to win millions as prize money in five tournament circuits. The FLW is known to conduct more than 230 tournaments of bass-fishing across the U.S annually.

The Forrest Wood Cup 2017

The Forrest Wood Cup 2017 will be held at Lake Murray, SC from August 11 – 13 as announced by the FLW and Lake Murray Regional Tourism Board. Columbia, South Carolina will take the pride in hosting the Forrest Wood Cup the biggest bass fishing championship.

The Forrest Wood Cup 2017 will also mark the 22nd championship event anniversary. While this makes the tournament fans more excited to attend the event, the Forrest Wood Cup is the most top-rated and favorite tournaments ever hosted at Lake Murray, South Carolina.

Event Details

As the FLW’s most awaited Forrest Wood Cup is now returning to Lake Murray in August 2017 for the second time in the past four years, anglers from all around the nation will meet the toughest competition on Lake Murray.

The Prize Money

The world’s famous bass fishing championship offers the prize money of $300,000 (top prize) for grabs. The 2017 Forrest Wood Cup will be featuring almost 53 of the top anglers from across the five tournament circuits of FLW.

Important Dates to Remember

While the championship tournament is scheduled for August 11-13, the final registration for the tournament will be closed by August 10, 2017. Priority registration, too, will end by August 10, 2017. The registration can be done from the South Carolina, Alumni Center – 900 Senate Street.

The Music Concert

To welcome the fans with some more excitement, the Forrest Wood Cup 2017 will entertain the attendees on Sunday, August 13 with a concert of Easton Corbin. The popular country music star will play the free concert at 4 p.m. at the weigh-in stage. This will add some more musical flavor to the event as the champions of the tournament will get awarded.

South Carolina fans have always been extremely passionate about the tournaments of bass fishing. Therefore, the Regional Tourism Board is excited to witness another world-class tournament event that Lake Murray Country is going to enjoy immensely.

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Common Real Estate Mistakes to Avoid


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by Bogdan

The majority of the people have no experience of real estate. That is because many people only sell or buy a house either once or twice in their lifetime. This results in emotional stress and financial loss which comes with the selling or buying home. Additionally, it also increases the chance of people making common real estate mistakes due to inadequate knowledge.

Fortunately, for the most part, these common mistakes are easily avoidable. The secret to avoiding these common real estate mistakes, however, lies in knowing them before you sell or buy a home. Let us discuss some of the most common mistakes made by sellers and homebuyers so that you may avoid them in the future.

Inadequate research

It is common to ask a lot of questions and to make comparisons with similar products in the market whenever we are about to make a purchase. This is to know whether the purchase is worth the money or not. Similarly, the effort that we put into buying or selling a property should be much more than buying a television or a car.

Our research should involve some basic questions about the property and the parties involved in buying or selling the property. Moreover, the considerations may differ significantly for each type of real estate investor such as for a homeowner, a flipper, a future landlord, or a land developer. Taking up real estate deals on your own

Many people assume that they can carry out a real estate deal on their own. They think they know all that is required to close a deal smoothly. While this may have been proven true in a number of transactions previously, it does not qualify a person to take the risk with all sorts of transactions when it comes to real estate in Columbia, SC.

The process may fail to go smoothly in a down market and, when that happens, you may not have any expert to turn to when you need to fix an unfavorable deal. Therefore, being a real estate investor, you should tap every available resource to make the right choice. This may include potential experts, real estate agent, a home inspector, or an attorney who may alert the person with the possible defects or easements that may cause problems in the future.

Underestimating expenses

Unlike renting, owning a house brings a lot of expenses in terms of maintenance. While many investors forget these expenses at the time of searching for a house, these expenses can add up in the form of property taxes, furnishing the house, installation of appliances, or even the structural changes like the installation of a new roof.

Hence, the best approach is to make a list of estimated monthly costs that are required to run and maintain a home. Do this before making a bid since once these expenses are added up, this will give you a better idea whether the property is affordable for you or not.

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Misconceptions about the Real Estate Industry


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It is said that when it comes to selling or buying a property, conventional wisdom holds its own flaws.

As independent work and flexible schedules are getting more appealing and accepted, more and more individuals tend to join the real estate business. However, while there are numerous perks of this industry, there exist a lot of misconceptions as well.

These misconceptions are responsible for making people hesitant about buying or selling a home, however, there is no truth to it as we usually think.

Let us have a look at some of these misconceptions that prevail in Columbia, SC about the real estate industry.

It costs a fortune to start a real estate business

The biggest turn off for a person to initiate a real estate business is the misconception that it costs a lot of money to start a real estate business. However, people who have even the slightest professional education as a real estate investor can make use of numerous ways to start a real estate business with even little money.

The success in a real estate business has a timeline

Another misconception about the real estate industry in Columbia, SC is that it takes years to make the business successful. Since real estate is primarily a relationship-oriented business hence, the sooner you establish lines of communication with your multiple networks and relationships, the sooner your real estate business will be running successfully.

Moreover, in today’s world, the highly digital means of communication has made it not just easy, but also a less expensive task to take your real estate business off the ground. And for that, all you need is just some valuable and relevant information at hand.

The small market offers no opportunities

To remove the misconception that small markets have no opportunities in Columbia, SC, it is important to understand that there are various investors in almost every city of the U.S. These investors are the successful investors in real estate and in all types of markets.

However, whether you are flipping, lending, holding, or building a property, it always feels safer to make an investment in the market that already caters to a larger pool of investors. It should be noted that the key to running a successful real estate business in all types of the market is simply to learn the market dynamics well enough and to identify its opportunities in a timely manner.

Real Estate is a simple 9-to-5 job

We usually observe new realtors and brokers treating the real estate industry as a simple 9-to-5 job. However, the real estate market is better being called entrepreneurship where you are the one who is running the business and not allowing the business to run you. Also, the real estate industry nowadays is exceptionally complex and competitive, with players who utilize mathematics, technology, and data more than ever to have an ace up their sleeves. Nonetheless, a real estate business is a position that you hold, a lifestyle that you carry and a dream that you live 24/7, 365.

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What Can I Do to Become a Successful Landlord?


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by Tang Yann

The real estate market of Columbia, SC is growing extremely fast. Thousands of commercial and residential real estate properties are sold and rented on a yearly basis. Most people, however, fail to realize that the real estate market is much more than just real estate brokers helping people buy and sell properties.

Tenancy is an aspect of real estate which is not discussed enough. This is exactly why most landlords and tenants are unsure about their roles and responsibilities. Since being a landlord is extremely demanding, we have compiled a list of things to keep in mind to help you become a successful landlord.

Know your tenants

Knowing your tenants personally is a guaranteed way of retaining them. Taking the time out to meet your tenants personally and finding out all about them does not only ensure that you will have a good relationship with them, but it is also a great way of finding out how they like you as a landlord.

Often, tenants are intimidated by their landlords and are desperate for a place to live, which is why they do not complain much about the problems or concerns which they have. Generally, tenants are of the opinion that they will be left without a place to stay if their landlord is not happy with them, which is why they do not raise their voice about any problems. It should, however, be noted that these are the same tenants who will leave your house without a second thought if they find another rental property.

To ensure that your tenants stay with you for long, it is essential for you to know your tenants on a personal level and to ask them about any positive or negative feedback which they might have. Once you understand the needs and wants of your tenants, it is crucial to attend to them at your earliest to ensure that your tenants are not dissatisfied with their living conditions.

Perform a background check of all potential tenants

The importance of performing a proper and thorough background check before you allow any tenants to rent your house cannot be emphasized enough. Skipping the background check before handing the house keys over to any tenants can prove to be detrimental. This is why it is extremely important to know the person who you are willing to rent to.

Before you allow anyone to rent your house, there are a few things which need to be checked. You should have a clear picture of the financial situation of the potential tenant to guarantee that they will able to pay the rent. Additionally, it is crucial for you to know whether your potential tenants have ever been involved in any crimes.

Another thing which should be taken into consideration before you allow new tenants into your house is their employment and rental history. If a tenant has a history of changing houses every few months, it is very likely that they will not stay in your house for long. Additionally, if the person who wishes to rent your house has a history of unemployment, you need to ensure that they have some source of regular income so that they will be able to pay the rent.

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Should I Get a Mortgage from a Bank or a Broker?


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by Bogdan

Applying for a mortgage is perhaps one of the most intimidating processes for new home buyers in Columbia, SC. Earlier, whenever someone wanted to buy a new house in Columbia, SC, the first thought which came to their mind when they started considering mortgage applications was going to a bank.

Traditionally, banks were the only institution from which you could land a mortgage in Columbia, SC. Recently, however, most of the new homeowners and homebuyers have started opting for mortgage brokers to successfully land a mortgage for their real estate. Unfortunately, these people do not understand how getting a mortgage from a bank works differently from applying for a mortgage through a broker.

If you, too, are one of the new homeowners or buyers in Columbia, SC and are worried about how you should get your mortgage, fret no more. Below, we have compiled all of the information which is crucial for you to understand the difference between getting a mortgage through a bank and a mortgage broker.

What’s the difference between the two processes?

The entire process which is involved in the approval of your mortgage application—be it through a mortgage broker or a bank—is very similar. It is, however, very important for you to note that regardless of the institution—or person—through which you try to land a mortgage, the payments which you make for your mortgage will ultimately go to a bank.

Even if you are trying your luck with a mortgage broker for approval of your application, the final contract which defines your mortgage will be with a bank. Most people, however, shy away from the weeks of waiting time which is involved in the process of approval of a mortgage application when they go directly to a bank for a mortgage.

Why do people still consider banks for their mortgages?

The best part about getting a mortgage directly from a bank is the consolidation of all of your loans and transactions. It might, therefore, be convenient for you to have only one primary institution which takes care of all of your financial transactions. If everything from your accounts to your loans and other transactions are all centered on one bank or institution, it is very likely that you will be favored in some way or the other by the bank.

One thing, however, which concerns many people when they choose a bank for their mortgages, is the rate which they will get. Since people generally do not do proper research before they are trying to streamline all of their financial processes and refer to one bank for all of their problems, it is likely that they will not get the best rate from their bank.

Why are people going to mortgage brokers?

The reason why applying for a mortgage through a broker is preferred a large number of people is that the process becomes much easier in comparison to applying for a mortgage directly to a bank. The mortgage broker in Columbia, SC will do all of the evaluation of your financial situation to find out which deal and rate will be best for you.

After a thorough analysis of your financial situation, the mortgage broker that you hire will be able to inform you about all of the options which you have, along with which option they believe you should choose. This is why people who are applying for a mortgage for the very first time tend to resort to mortgage brokers to land the deal which will be more beneficial for them.

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Frauds in the Real Estate Market


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Even though the real estate market of Columbia, SC is booming, the market is still full of fraudsters and scammers who engage in questionable acts for monetary gain. With frauds and scams in the real estate market increasing at an unprecedented rate, it is not uncommon for home buyers and sellers to fall victim to the schemes and tactics devised by people who wish to take advantage of people who have recently stepped foot in the market.

Here are some frauds in the real estate market to keep a look out for when you are dealing with real estate in Columbia, SC.

Title fraud

Title fraud is perhaps the most common scam in the real estate market not only in Columbia, SC, but all over the world. As the name suggests, the fundamental scam involved in title fraud is theft of the identity of an individual. The fraudster attempting title fraud uses forged ownership documents and other fake papers to pose as the rightful owner of a home or property.

Once the fraudster is able to make people believe that they are the legitimate owner of the property, the forged property ownership documents are used to apply for a mortgage or other forms of loan. After the payment which was requested is received, the fraudster flees. The rightful owner of the property then has to deal with all future payments of the loan which they did not even apply for.

In some cases, title fraud can also be used to sell the property of the victim. Since the fraudster poses as the legitimate owner of a particular real estate property, they usually find no better way of receiving easy and quick money than selling off the property which they claimed to own to someone who is interested. This catastrophic scam in the real estate industry, therefore, has the potential to not only create legal issues for the legitimate owner of the property, but also for the person who pays for the property.

Value fraud

Another common scam in the real estate market of Columbia, SC is the value fraud. This scam is detrimental not only for home buyers, but also for lenders in the real estate market. The value fraud involves making people believe that the value of a property is more than it should be.

The technique involved in conducting this type of fraud is misrepresentation of the features of the real estate property in question. The features of the home or property are made to look much more appealing than they are in reality to convince people that it should be valued at higher than it currently is. Similarly, people also tend to disguise or omit certain unlikable features of their property to draw a higher price.

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How to Buy a House without Making Any Mistakes


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Buying a house is one of the most exciting and anticipated experiences which one can have as an adult. Unfortunately, owing to their excitement, most people tend to make some very dangerous, yet avoidable, mistakes when they are buying a house for the first time in Columbia, SC. If you, too, are trying to buy a new house in Columbia, SC, read on to find out everything to need to keep in mind to close your deal without making any errors.

Know what you can afford

One of the most common mistakes which people make when they are trying to buy a house for the first time is lack of budgeting. Before you buy a house in Columbia, SC, it is extremely important to know what you are looking for and what you can afford.

Since most people are thrilled about making their first home purchase, it is not unusual for them to be ready to spend a few extra thousand dollars to buy a house which they like at first sight. This is an extremely dangerous decision to make since people then end up repaying loans for several months after buying an overpriced house, or a house which they could not afford. It is, therefore, imperative for you to have a clear picture about the size of the house which you require, and the amount of money you can spend for a house like that, without being too hard on your pocket.

Research the market

Researching the market before making your first home purchase cannot be emphasized enough. Most people who are trying to buy a house for the first time end up buying the first house which they can find at a reasonable rate. It is, however, crucial to keep in mind that realtors can easily cajole new home buyers into believing that they will not find an offer that is better than what is currently being presented to them.

Unless you know the market inside out, it is very likely for you to fall under pressure and close a deal which is not in your best interest. Another reason why it is important for you to conduct proper research before closing a deal is that the aesthetics of most real estate property are elevated when you schedule a visit.

Since people tend to make impulsive decisions about home buying when they fall in love with the house at first sight, it is important to know what else is available in the market before you make the mistake of buying a house solely because it immediately caught your eye.

Inspect the house

Inspection is perhaps the most important part when you are buying a new house. Unless you inspect the house properly before closing the deal, you will not know whether the house has any damages to be repaired or other problems like leaky walls and broken doors or windows.

In case you close the deal without inspection, the former owner of the house will no longer be responsible to attend to any damages. This means that you will have to incur additional costs only to make your house look better which could have been avoided if you had thoroughly inspected the house before buying it.

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Can You Get A Mortgage when Bankrupt?


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by Bogdan

If you are a homeowner or have recently become interested in the real estate market, you might understand why so many people in Columbia, SC, are intimidated by the mortgage loan process. Not only do lenders ask intrusive questions which might sound a tad bit too personal during the interview, but with rules and regulations for lending getting stricter with each passing day, it is almost necessary to keep everything from credit scores to the paperwork, picture perfect.

Despite the strict process, most people will be relieved to know that in some cases, it is still possible to land a mortgage when bankrupt. Read on to find out what needs to be taken into consideration when you are trying to land a mortgage when bankrupt.

Credit Report

One of the most important factors which determine the approval or denial of your mortgage loan application is your credit report. The credit report or credit history of a person gives a complete picture of the financial situation of the applicant. Since the credit report reveals so much, your lender might thoroughly check your credit report to see whether improvement can be expected based on your history.

Once your bankruptcy has been discharged, it is imperative to ensure that your credit report does not have any more negative signs since these can be extremely dangerous for your credit report. If the lender notices any downward trends in your credit report after your bankruptcy has been discharged, your chances of landing a mortgage can decrease even more.

Time since your bankruptcy

The amount of time which has passed since your bankruptcy is another factor which influences your chances of landing a mortgage when bankrupt. Even though the duration varies depending on the lender, in most cases, the required amount of time which has passed since you filed for bankruptcy is two years. Some lenders might even require a time period of up to five years to have passed before you can apply for a mortgage. However, if your credit status at the time of applying for a mortgage is exceptionally good, lenders may make exceptions.

Reason for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is always an inconvenience. The reasons of your bankruptcy, however, have a great impact on the approval of your mortgage application.

If you went bankrupt due to reasons and circumstances which were unavoidable, like extreme medical emergencies or the loss of a job, it is possible for your lender to be lenient. However, if you went bankrupt because of frivolous spending habits or lack of financial responsibility, you should not expect your mortgage application to be approved by any lender in Columbia, SC.

Even if you have filed for bankruptcy, it is imperative for you to try to maintain a good credit status at all times and keep in mind the factors above which can influence the approval of your mortgage application.

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Everything You Need To Know About Leases


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A lease is a contract between two parties, where one party conveys services or property to another party for a specified amount of time in exchange for periodic payments. This lease empowers one party to use an asset and guarantees the leaser regular payments, both parties are legally obligated under a lease. This means that lease is a legal document that can be used in court to enforce an action against any involved party.

Different Types Of Property Leases You Should Know About And Consider

An individual these days can get a lease for almost any tangible property these days including cars, property and even boats! At the same time, there are many different types of property leases that have evolved with time. These leases and there characteristics are mentioned below,

  1. Fixed or Flat Leases

This is where a single rent is determined for a definitive period of time. This type of leases is normally used for rental leases and other property transactions.

  1. Gross Leases

This type of lease differs from flat leases as the tenant pays a definitive amount monthly and the landlord pays for all other administrative costs of the property. The tenant will however have to pay for utility bills and such a gross leases normally contains clauses that suit the landlord.

  1. Step Leases

This type of leases is normally not offered to most tenants; it involves determining a set amount that will apply annually during the leases time span. Basically the increase is to cover any damages that might occur and the amount is determined upon the land lord’s discretion.

  1. Cost Of Living Leases

This is when the rent of the lease is determined by taking cost of living into perspective. This means that the rent will fluctuate according to changes in inflation rates.

  1. Net Leases

This type of lease favors the landlord to a certain degree, as the tenant is obliged to pay rent and other expenses at the same time. The amount is determined according to the increase in costs that occur on the landlords behalf.

  1. Net-Net Leases

This is another common type of lease that basically requires the tenant to pay rent and other expenses such as real estate taxes and insurance premiums as well. These insurance and tax rates are allotted according to the specifications of the property involved.

  1. Percentage Leases

This type of lease involves the tenant to pay a base amount or a certain percentage of gross income. If the percentage of gross income is higher than the base amount then the tenant will have to pay this percentage instead of the base amount.

So for all the people out there, who are planning on starting a lease for a property, please consider the aforementioned types so that you end up getting a cost effective lease. We would recommend contacting a lawyer who specializes in leases, to ensure that your lease encompasses all of your rights and interests.

Pet Deposits: Make your Furry Friends Feel Right at Home


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There is no doubt that pet deposits plague every homeowner who are moving to a new home with a pet. These deposits are normally charged with the security deposits prior to the tenant moving into the apartment. This deposit is essentially charged to safeguard the landlord from any damages that might construe due to the pet in question. The laws that govern pet deposits vary from state to state and in most cases they cannot be avoided as pets are considered to be a liability by the landlord, no matter how harmless and cuddly your pet might be.

Since many people are not aware of these formalities, they often end up paying substantial pet deposits and pet fees as it is not every day that a homeowner moves into a new home with a pet. This is exactly why we have articulated a list of common questions people ask about pet deposits. These questions are as follows:

  1. Why Do Landlords Charge A Pet Deposit In The First Place?

The first and most common question that homeowners are intrigued by is this: Why do landlords charge a certain amount for allowing a pet to reside inside the property? The reason is that a substantial amount of pet owners are extremely negligent about their pet’s behavior, these pets tend to damage the property in different ways. This is exactly why landlords charge this fee, in order to safeguard their interests if the pet damages the property in any way.

  1. How Much Is A Generic Pet Deposit?

As mentioned before, the law that governs pet deposits varies from state to state. So a pet deposit fee might be higher in certain states while it might be vice versa in other states. Although, generally speaking, a one-year lease would entail a $200 fee for pet deposits, this amount is refunded at the end of the lease if the pet does not damage the property.

  1. Is Pet Rent A More Viable Option?

Some landlords offer a pet rent which is added to the monthly rent. This amount depends on the market value of the property and the time frame of the lease. Under normal circumstances this amount is somewhere between $10.00 to $20.00 and the landlord has the freedom to charge more if they prefer. We would recommend opting for a one time pet deposit instead of a pet rent as with time the amount may exceed the pet deposit. Besides this pet rent is nonrefundable, so if even if your pet is well trained this amount will not be refunded.

  1. Can I Negotiate A Pet Deposit With My Landlord?

Yes since there is no generic amount for pet deposits a tenant can easily negotiate the price with the landlord. The success of your negotiation will depend largely on your negotiation skills and other factors which might show the landlord that your pet is well trained and harm less. Some of the factors that can be used as bargaining tools are mentioned below,

  • Obedience training
  • Renter’s insurance
  • Pet interview with the landlord

By now, you should have attained enough knowledge to tackle this dilemma of pet deposits with ease. Hopefully, once this is sorted out, you and your furry friend will feel right at home!